Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recharging and Friends

Yesterday was very scheduled for most of the day; my mom to a doctor's appointment that was a little stressful, and then grocery shopping.  By the time I got home, put away my groceries, took care of the housekeeping and paperwork, I decided I was feeling frazzled and it was time to destress.  What do you do when your feeling frazzled?  I am seldom alone in the house; my husband gets homes about 4, and my daughter at 2.  So the time before 2 I try to take for myself when I can.  That's when I know it's quiet and I can just enjoy the peace.  I grabbed a book I had just checked out at the library, curled up on the couch with a blanket, and my book, and read for an hour or so.  It was heavenly!  I have to laugh though ... we have a huge double slider in the living room and that view is of a park that we back up to.  Charlie (my big dog), lays on this dog bed looking into the park to see what's going on; Sophie (the little dog), lays on the couch above Charlie, looking in the park to see what's going on.  Even the cat, Nala, was sitting on the coffee table looking into the park ... it was hilarious!  What do dogs do all day that don't have a park to look into ... I think that Sophie and Charlie have a competition going ... who can bark at any dog or person ANYWHERE in the park first!  They spend all day barking to alert the other, and then running out another door to go protect their territory.  They are funny.

While at the store yesterday, I scored some more of these game tickets for the Albertson's giveaway that expires soon.
Since my son went back to college, it was up to me to open them all and check them against the game board.  Surely with a stack like this, we would have something we needed ... nope!  We did get a lot of points that count towards a $5 coupon, so we'll just have to be happy with that!

I worked today and was very excited, because my friend that I met in my Innova longarm class in July, was going to be visiting.  She lives in the Fresno area, but was down for the Road to California.  We've been emailing back and forth, supporting each other in our adventures into longarming.  It's been really fun getting to know her, and it was great to be able to see her and say hi!  She popped into the store, and we visited for a little while.  She does some beautiful custom work ... feathers, ruler work, etc.  It's nice to know someone that can take you out of your box, in whatever it is that you're doing.  When I see her work, it makes me want to try ruler work.  She says it's easy ... hmm ... the great thing is that we seen each others skills improve tremendously since we took our classes in July.  She has had her machine a little while longer than I've had mine, and we both had other systems before we got our Innovas.  Hi Darby!

It was a busy day and I didn't get a lot done at work; just helping customers and trying to get everyone what they need.  I sure hope I can kind of recharge tomorrow . . . I think maybe I need to start taking some vitamin B-12 ... I am just worn out!  My husband is one of those people that can put his head down on the pillow and 5 minutes later be fast asleep ... I sure wish I could do that!  It's hard for me to turn my brain off.  Looking forward to doing some sewing tomorrow to just kind of have a little fun!  Enjoy your Sunday, and I hope you find time to do something you love to recharge.  We have to remember to take care of ourselves, so that we are fresh and healthy to take care of others ... that's what women do!

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