Monday, January 2, 2012

On the ninth day of Christmas

First of all, someone posted a comment that asked me what kind of cutting table I have in my sewing room ... it is the one from Joann's.  I bought it at least 8 years ago and I usually just leave one side up and the other down because I find it easier to cut, and I think the table is sturdier that way.  I think that table has not had the best reviews, but for the money (used a 40% off coupon), it can't be beat.  Plus it rolls, and if I really need more space, I can temporarily fold the other side down too when not cutting.

How was your New Year's ... are you like many people that make resolutions?  I decided I didn't like that word, so I was using the word goal.  I refuse to make the same goal I make every year; go to the gym more, eat better; lose a few pounds ... blah, blah, blah!  I had to laugh though when I went to the gym this morning it was packed!!!!  That is a very popular goal, and because today was a holiday, everyone was starting the year off right.  Good for all of us!  I have decided like I mentioned the other day, to kind of do my own happiness project.  To start I decided what things are the most important to me:  (1) God; (2) Family; (3) Me; (4) Friends.  This is a work in progress list and I decided that I should have the right to change it and fine tune it as I go.  Here are just a couple things I want to work on this year:

1.  Finish every load of laundry that I start.  Fold and put away -- it only takes 5 minutes.  I have gotten into a really bad habit of leaving the laundry in the dryer, or dumping it in the chair in my bedroom since the washer/dryer is right next to our bedroom.  I have been finishing every load for a week now, and it feels so much better to walk into my room and not see a pile of laundry sitting there.

2.  Go to a different museum every month.  We live in San Diego and there are wonderful museums, but I have only been to a handful.  I'm looking forward to exploring them all!

3.  To take better care of my feet!  They are the foundation of our bodies and get beat up daily!  I gave myself a pedicure the other day, and it felt so great.  I have been remembering to slather lotion on at least once a day to keep them from getting too dry.

4.  To have more fun; don't be so serious and smile more!

Okay, that's enough for one day ... I have lots more.  Yesterday and today I worked on the block of the month and I have an entire row put together ... there are five rows.

I just LOVE how it is coming out.  This picture is from my cell phone, so it doesn't show the colors too great.  I have been taking pictures and will have some good tutorials on how to do half square triangles, and other tips on this quilt, that can actually help with quilting in general.  Every month at the store, I'll be having a class to help you put those blocks for that month together, so when we are working on that particular month, then I'll post those tips here.  I don't want to get ahead of the class.  This is going together rather quickly, and I am just delighted at how nice everything is laying. 

Telling everyone on my blog what my goals are will really cement them in my mind. That is the idea!  It's like when I went to Weight Watchers years ago; you go every week and weigh in, so you are accountable to someone.  Every week I'll give you an update and let you know how I'm doing.  Thanks for being here to keep me on track!  What are your plans for the new year???????


QuiltedSquid said...

The first row looks great...I love blocks on point!

jayne said...

Progress on quilt is great! Now, your goals are also great! should be number "1". When you are happy and well everything else will be fine! Look forward to a productive year!