Monday, January 30, 2012

Simple Monday

Went to visit my friend today and hang out with her for a few hours.  My friends and I are enjoying the time we're having with her ... reminiscing about some of the crazy things we have done over the years.  We've known each other since our kids were 5 ... 13 years almost.  I'm glad that we can have this time with her to help her through this rough patch ... having friends and keeping your mind occupied is so important.  I know my own mind just races sometimes when I'm not feeling well and it's hard to turn your brain off.

What do you do when you need an escape?  I love to read ... it's something I loved as a child ... I remember hanging out in the library for hours ... it is still one of my favorite places!  You know what my daughter told me last week ... she said "mom,  no one goes to the library anymore."  What????  I hope that's not true ... the library is such a great resource, and it is free!  Not much anymore is free.  Between computers and bookstores, I guess most teenagers get what they need without borrowing it from the library.  So far this year I have read "The Happiness Project," which I told you about not too long ago, and that I loved!  I also am in the middle of reading something on my Nook called, "One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simple."  I also started reading "Price and Prejudice" . . . can you believe I've never read that book?  Where have I been?  I just finished a book I borrowed from the library ... it was really good ...
"The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane"  It was a great escape ... it's a book that takes place in the present time, but goes back to the Salem witch trials ... very suspenseful.

I did finish the quilt I had on my frame yesterday ... I am embarrassed to tell you that it is a friend's quilt that got pushed to the back of the pile last year.  I've probably had it since October ... she reminded me the other day that she would love to have it done as she has a place to hang it; I told her it was on my schedule and apologized profusely!  Of course I am not charging her for it ... I hope she likes the way it turned out ... she'll just probably be happy to have it back!  I have been fussing around with my bobbin tension and not real happy lately with it ... I don't know what is different, or what I'm doing different, but I just feel like I never get that perfect tension on the back.  I finally broke down and ordered a TOWA gauge ... it is a device that you use to test the tension on each bobbin you wind.  You do a little fidgeting with it and find where your machine likes the tension, and then when you find that number, it is an easy adjustment to the bobbin.  It came today so I am excited to play around with it tomorrow and find that magic number.  I had one when I had my Juki, and I loved it.

Way past my bedtime ... I'll try to snap a picture of my friend's quilt tomorrow ... maybe I should let her see it first before I let you all see it!

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