Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday sewing

What a beautiful, crisp sunny Sunday it was here.  We have a huge fire roaring in the fireplace and I made myself turn the t.v. off hours ago, so it's nice and quiet.  You will recall that I've been trying to cook more at home in an effort to eat healthier, and it just makes me feel better.  My usual problem is that my husband loves to grab something out (we try to be healthy about it), and because I usually am unprepared, I agree.  So I thought about it last night before I went to bed; I've been trying to be aware of what I'm buying at the grocery store.  I knew I had some beef for stew in the freezer, and I had bought an onion, potatoes and carrots at the store last week.  I also bought some chicken broth thinking it would be good to have on hand.  Eureka ... I decided to make beef stew in my new crockpot.  Last week's chicken parmesan with sauce in the crockpot was such a huge hit (with me at least!), that I was anxious to use it again.  I just love it when things work out and I have all the ingredients I need.  I hate running to the store for one thing; I tried a new recipe out of a cookbook and it was delicious.  Success!

In between watching the football games -- ugh -- both of the teams I was rooting for lost -- I put together a block of the month I am doing through my store; Kathy Campbell's Heart & Home ... block 1.  Now we all know the idea ... you make a block a month and at the end of the year you have a whole quilt.  I have only followed through with this idea ONE time, and that was the very first BOM I ever did.  I have many that are unfinished, but this one is so lovely and I've never done anything like it.  It is wool and Daiwabo (spelling?) ...
Beautiful!  I even started some stitching on it.  That's enough for one day ... time to read a little and climb into bed!

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