Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Little Things

After being so busy for the last couple weeks, I am just enjoying slowing down.  It does feel a little weird, I keep wondering what it is I'm supposed to be doing!  I've done a little gardening, which is not one of my favorite chores, but I have a little garden on my back patio, and I've actually managed to keep it alive for the last 6 months -- a miracle!  I've always wanted roses, and I planted a little rosebush, fully expecting it to die.  We live in the San Diego area, but we're about 20 minutes inland; out here in the summertime it is like the desert ... well, not as hot, but our soil is terrible and you really have to buy drought tolerant and native plants.  It took me several hundreds of dollars, and about 15 years to figure that one out!  Ha, ha ... I was weeding in my garden the other day, and look what I snipped ...
My first roses ever!  I am so excited ... they've been on my windowsill now for almost a week, and still look great.  Maybe there is hope for me yet!

I am supposed to be designing a quilt that I'm teaching in March ... a sampler quilt.  I have it in my mind, but just haven't put it to fabric yet.  I'm procrastinating, can you tell?  I want to thank you all for the wonderful, sweet comments about my block of the month.  It really warms my heart!  We have two other blocks of the month in the store, a redwork/pieced quilt by JoAnn Mullaly, and a quilt by Heart in Hand called Heart to Home (I may have said this last week) ... I signed up for the Heart to Home quilt because it is wool and Daiwabo fabric and it is just beautiful.  I don't have a picture of it yet for you, but when we put it up on the store's blog, I'll let you know.  It is soft grey blues, greens, and even some plums ... I started on it today -- I'm very motivated (that's probably because I don't feel like designing that other quilt!).

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