Thursday, January 19, 2012

Traveling Thursday

I almost did not post anything today ... I am just wiped out.  Two weeks of having a weird sleeping schedule is starting to catch up with me.  It's hard to be cheery when you're exhausted!  This hormonal swing thing is for the birds!  Here's hoping I swing out of this soon.

I know I have told you about this blog before ... ... but I cannot tell you how much I really enjoy this blog.  Every day she has deals that she posts, but she also has contributors that write articles ... the entire blog is ALWAYS uplifting.  There is nothing negative in it and it is just a refreshing place to land every day.  I really look forward to reading it.  She had an article in there today, and I thought it was great.  It is about goal setting, and talks you through some steps so you do not get overwhelmed ... like most of us do!  Here's the link:

I have also gleened so much information from her blog; the last few magazines I have ordered Fitness, Better Homes and Gardens, and Surfing ... I have not paid the full subscription prices.  She periodically has deals where you can get a year subscription for like $5.00.  There is a website she sends you too, and then she'll have discount codes to use.  At Christmas time, she told of a site; it has discounted name brand items.  For instance, I bought O'Neill sunglasses, regularly $60 for $20 ... awesome!  I just ordered from the same site a pair of athletic shoes ... New Balance, they retail for $90, and I got them for $49, plus free shipping.  Check it out ... I promise you will not be disappointed.  I learn something new there every day!

Just because you need something cute in your life ... how about a baby sloth?  Isn't it cute?????

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