Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January update

I fell asleep last night without a post ... I always think of you all in the evening, and I just didn't have it in me!  I went to have a facial in the afternoon, it was wonderful and much needed.  If you've never had one, you should ... it is better than a pedicure, or even getting your hair done.  Total relaxation ... I saw my friend first for a couple of hours, and after the facial, I was just done for the day.  I am really feeling sad about my friend's situation, and trying to find a balance for myself in there.

So here is my review of the month of January ... remember that I have goals, not resolutions ... I also had a LOT of them .. here's how I did:

1.  Finish every load of laundry that is done; fold and put away only takes 5 minutes. 
Did excellent with this ... only about one time I didn't follow through.  It feels so much better to always have a clean bedroom, and not have the chair piled with clean clothes!

2.  Emptying the dishwasher; yes, everyone uses it but I will play the game of waiting for someone else to unload it.
I don't feel resentful anymore about it, I just do it.  It only takes 5 min. and I know if I need to ask, someone else will do it.  I'm the stay-at-home mom/wife, so it probably really should fall under my job description ... so much easier to just do it and ease my headaches about it!

3.  Be cheerful.  It takes a little more effort, but it is catching!
I was doing well with this until about 2 weeks ago ... hit a rough patch, and I've been struggling to be cheerful and not let negativity prevail.  Obviously, this is one goal that will take a lot of time because I'm talking about a huge change here.  Much better than I was, so I can definitely see progress.

4.  Gossiping is toxic.
I said I wasn't going to gossip anymore (mind you that a couple of friends said they would have to find a new friend when I told them that!!  (ha, ha)) ... This is another tough one; there's a fine line between talking and gossip.  I have made huge progress here, and will continue as I feel better when I really think about what I'm talking about.

5.  Okay to not get every "deal" out there.
Just because I coupon and can get a great deal, I don't need to get every one, and it is okay to let them slide!  I'm doing well with this ... I've tampered my shopping down and am spending a lot less time on my shopping list, but still getting good deals.

6.  To take better care of my feet.
Every morning before I put my shoes on I lotion my feet ... what a world of difference this has made in the condition they stay in.  Who knew it was that easy!  Now it's a habit, and they look a lot better.

Okay I think that's enough for one month, don't you?  It has helped me by having these goals to strive for ... sometimes it is just a little overwhelming, but I always just do my best.  That's all we can do, right?

Now I have to look at the other priorities I have and make a list for February.  Do you have things that you would like to work on throughout the year?  I'm taking them one month at a time; I think it breaks it up and makes them more "doable."  Today I need to just spend some time in my sewing room just relaxing.  I haven't pieced in a while, and my balance is off ... whenever I can sew, it always help me restore balance to my life.  Have a great day!!

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Angie said...

I love all your Goals Colleen. They are all so logical, yet at times can be a struggle. I personally get lazy about taking care of myself---like my hands and feet. I'm going right now to put lotion on my feet! I like to empty the dishwasher so no problem there. If my husband does it, he puts things in the wrong storage place and I have to hunt them down later. Bless his heart he tries, so I don't complain, I just beat him to it! I don't use many of my coupons anymore either. I would always rush to JoAnn's with my coupons and buy other stuff besides what I thought I would use the coupon on. Sure saves money! Have a good day! And thank you for the inspiring blog post.