Monday, February 20, 2012

Thread and class

Happy Monday ... Thanks to Amy and Darby for commenting about the thread choices ... when I showed the colors to my client this morning, she right off said "pink."  So pink it is!  Can't wait to see what it's going to look like on the quilt, but that's as far as I got today.  You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the quilting!  How does a day just disappear??

I taught until about 1 ... the class was Apron Strings ... here is what my quilt sample looked like:
There are two wonderful ladies taking the class ... here are their blocks
 Aren't these going to make a beautiful quilt?  They haven't been trimmed yet, but the batiks are just beautiful.  Her house is hawaiian themed ... can't wait to see what this quilt looks like!
These blocks are lovely and are going to make such a happy, fun quilt!  It reminds me so much of the lady that's making it!  One of the things I love most about teaching is getting to see the different fabric choices and looks that each person has.  Just a difference in color can give a quilt a totally different feel.  When I first started taking classes, I was so nervous about picking color ... what colors went with what colors?  What patterns could you mix with other patterns?  I would just copy the teacher's choices ... pick a similar color scheme and try to match my fabrics to whatever she had picked ... small print, large print, check, etc.  Now that is the part I love the most about quilting ... picking colors and fabrics.  I have said this before ... I am not an artist, and I always wished that I knew how to draw.  That's why I love quilting so much ... I feel like I'm drawing with fabric!


Angie said...

I love your class sample! And I like that it's called "apron strings" too. Very pretty! Your student blocks are great too. Please post pictures when their quilts are finished.

jayne said...

Makes me want to get mine out and finish it!!!! So many things to finish!!!! Bet im not alone :)

Carolyn S. said...

Hey Colleen,
I'm coming up on finished piecing my own version of this quilt. Any suggestions for quilting it? Are you happy with what you did (and what was it?)?