Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quilts, quilts, quilts

I tried to write last night, but the internet wouldn't let me get on.  So I gave up and went to bed!  I finally got to the frame and machine yesterday to finish the quilt that had been pinned on there. 

Before I pin the quilt top on the frame, I always pick the thread color ... I went through that process with you the other day, and decided on the rose/pink color.  When I go to put the top on I find the center at both the top and bottom; mark it with a pin, and then pin the bottom edge of the top to the top roller.
Then I position the top edge on top of the batting matching the centers.  I find a seam line on the top and using my measuring tape, measure the distance from the leader to that seam line.  That's how I ensure that the top is sewn on straight.
The top is rolled onto the top roller from the bottom edge.
Top edge is in position and ready to be measured and pinned
Then I sew a line across the top edge of the top and remove the pins. 

Every time I roll the quilt as well as before I start the quilting, I sew down the edges of the quilt; both on the right side, and the left.

Before I can start the actual quilting (and every time I replace the bobbin), I put a scrap of fabric on the side of the quilt, and test a little bit to make sure the tension is good.  I do it right on the edge of the quilt so I can look at the underside ... bobbin tension is usually the place that if there's a problem it will be there.

Finally the quilt is done ... hurray!

I used the rose/pink on top, but I used a green in the bobbin.  The backing was the same color as this outside border, and I was trying to match the bobbin color to the back.  It is really tricky to do a dark thread on one side, and a lighter thread on the other.  I was having a bit of trouble with the color on top pulling through to the back before I started, but I got it worked out.  I used King Tut in the top and So Fine in the bobbin. 

I brought home a couple of quilts from the store on Monday that need to be quilted.  One of them is our store quilt for the shop hop, and the other quilt is one that we are making as a sample for the store to sell a line of fabric we just got in.  Fabric/patterns always sell better when people can actually see the pattern made up, or the fabric put to use in a quilt. 
King Tut on top; So Fine in the bobbin

That's it!  I didn't get to the other quilt, but that one is next up!  Glad I'm working my way through the pile!  I just love it when I get one on the frame and can actually start quilting away on it.  I really get tense when I start because I always want to make sure I do my best.  When you're quilting for other people, there's always the chance that they won't love it.  That is in the back of my mind, and I treat each quilt like it is my own.  If I wouldn't do it on my own quilt, I'm not going to do it on your's.  When I am at my Innova quilting, I just kind of get lost ... once I actually start the quilting, it's so relaxing!


Leah said...

Wow great work... I just loaded a quilt on mine today. After my run tomorrow I will be quilting it.

sylvia said...
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sylvia said...

Let's see if i can get this right this time ... love your pics! I float my quilts ... i tried the traditional way the first quilt I put on my machine and it was not a pretty sight! I got the horrid "dog ears" at the end ... yuck! So now I float. You have mastered a technique that I just couldn't wrap my arms around!