Monday, February 27, 2012

Rainy Monday

The funny thing about San Diego is how difficult it is to predict the weather.  At least that's what the weather people say around here ... I think to myself ... how hard is it?  Most of the year you could say "sunny with a chance of morning and evening clouds."  But ... when we really get weather, that's the true test of a weatherperson's salt ... most of them fail ... last night the news I was watching said rain starting in the morning and the heaviest period being between morning and about 1 p.m.  Then rain continuing through the rush hour in the evening.  So I woke up to sunny skies ... it was cloudy, and I think it had rained a tad somewhere in the county, but it didn't start pouring here until about 2:30.  When you live with about 360 days of sun a year, you do welcome a change in weather ... I sure do!  I love a rainy day ... great excuse to hang out at home, sew, read, cook, be cozy!

I had to teach the third part of my beginner quilt class this morning.  We covered sandwiching your quilt, trimming after the quilting, making your binding and sewing your binding onto your quilt.  It was great fun and I hope I didn't bore my two outstanding students too much.  They were both so impressive ... they both finished their tops (one still had to do the borders, but still!) ... amazing ... I have never had that happen in a class.  They were serious about learning how to do everything!  Would someone remind me to write up a binding tutorial for you all?  I mentioned it months ago, and I have the pictures ... it just takes a lot of time to write out the explanations and I keep forgetting!  I will add that to my goals this week, promise!

Came home and watched the rain, curled up on the couch and read some more of my latest book.  I have always loved to read; I go in spurts.  I think I've said this before that I have a hard time reading and quilting ... they are both hobbies that take a good deal of time.  If I'm heavy into one, it's hard to do the other.  But this year is working on balance, right ... so I'm trying to do both.  Since I got both of the quilts done for the store that I needed to do this last week, I thought some reading time this afternoon while it was quiet and before everyone got home this evening was definitely in order!  I borrowed from the library last week "The Litigators" by John Grisham.  It's due back tomorrow and I'm almost done.  Our library system has what they used to call a Reader's Express program ... for the new books that everyone is trying to read, they loan the books for one week instead of three weeks.  They changed the system and they now call it " Hot Right Now" books ... this just seems like a wrong name for a library to use ... but they don't ask my opinion!!  Ha, ha ... so my HRN book is due back tomorrow and I'm almost done.  It's been a fun read and it grabs you quickly like most of his books do.   In my book group we just finished reading "The Hunger Games" a series for teens.  It was really good, and I am looking forward to reading the next two in the series. 

Okay ... so next week is shop hop and not a lot will get done since I'm going to be working a lot of extra hours.  Here are my goals for this week (perhaps if I write them to all of you, I'll really focus in on what I need to do this week):
--make blocks for March block of the month class
--put blocks together for March beginning quilting class
--call and make two doctor appts
--write valentine cards (more on that later!)
--next quilt goes on frame tomorrow
--next quilt after that on friday
--quilt binding tutorial (almost forgot to put it on the least -- sheesh!!!)

Think that's enough on my to do list!

No, we did not forget to take them for a walk!  This is what happens every evening when darling hubby walks them.  He asks us to put the leashes on them, then they sit and wait for him to get ready ... I can't stand looking at them waiting .. they're so pathetic looking!  As if they're saying "pleeeeeeeeaaassseee, walk us!"

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