Thursday, February 9, 2012

Traveling Thursday

Happy Thursday ... after the post I wrote yesterday, you surely deserve a break today with a short post!  I write the way I talk, so "sometimes" I get a little wordy ... ha, ha!

Today I'm sending you to my good friend, Jayne's new blog.  I met Jayne at The Country Loft sometime ago, and she is just one of those people that you start liking and realize you have so much in common with.  We've gotten to be good friends, and she has been very inspiring and motivating!  She decided to start a blog last week because she has something to say ... I promise she is a lot quicker to the point than I am!  Check her blog out:


jayne said...

But I miss the rambling - only kidding :) Thanks for the post about my new blog...I think I will really enjoy it!

Maybe someone will start their day reading my blog as I do yours!!!


colleencl said...

Ha, Ha ... ahh, love that you start your day like that! Now I look forward to seeing your's. None for me yesterday ... didn't do anything worth talking about! =:p