Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why I coupon ... not what you think!

This is Friday night's post ... after a busy day, my darling husband and I did our usual Friday night routine ... dinner at Pick-Up Stix.  We had a late start, and I know I needed cat food; wasn't sure how late Petco was open, so hubby decided we should stop on the way to dinner.  I bought a few cans of cat food, and knowing that I was a week or so away from dry cat food being gone, decided because they had a good price and I had a coupon, to pick up some Science Diet dry cat food.  If you have pets, you know how expensive this darn brand is ... but, it seems to do what it says it's supposed to, so my animals are worth it (or something like that!).  We headed onto dinner, leaving both dogs in the car like we normally do (have I mentioned they love to ride in the car, and prefer to wait for us in the car as opposed to waiting for us at home).

After about 45 min we returned to the car ...
... hmm, this was not the condition the cat food bag was in when we left it in the car.

Charlie tried to blame it on Sophie, but I know there is no way a 10 pound dog can eat 3+ pounds of cat food in a mere 40 minutes!
Apparently Charlie got full before he could finish the last 1/2 pound.

The evidence of his enormous stomach tells the tale ... he was the one that ate the cat food!  Now I am well aware that this could be very dangerous ... do you know how I know????  A little over a year ago I came home from work one night, felt his stomach because it looked huge, took him to the emergency vet where we spent a couple of hundred dollars .... no problems that they could detect, just that it looked like he ate a bunch of food!  We have the dog food in a plastic container in the garage.  It has a latch on the top ... I frequently see the cat sitting near the container ... she has opened it in the past.  Apparently that evening long ago, the cat opened the container, hoping to grab some food for herself, but Charlie, being the bigger animal, got to it first.  I did remember later (after we got home from the emergency vet) that the container had been opened and wondered how that happened!

Why is it no animal in this house is only content with eating their own food??  Ahhhhhhhhhh ..........

So here is the answer to the question in the title:  I coupon so I can turn around and go back to the darn pet store and buy a new bag of cat food ... the $14 bag cost me $7 between my coupon and the Petco store discount ... so when I go back today and buy another bag that costs me $7, it will be like spending the $14 any other person would spend for the bag!  Ha, ha .... are you following this?  Crazy!  By the way, Charlie seems to be doing fine ... moving a little slower than normal, but activity is as usual.  I am keeping a close eye on him ... how long do you think it should take him to digest 3 pounds of cat food???

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