Sunday, February 12, 2012

Really on a roll!

Okay I hope you're sitting down ... I quilted another quilt today!  I knew all I needed was a little push . . . and I gave it to myself yesterday when I got the first one done.  My husband will tell you I am an all or nothing gal ... well, I just hate to agree with him!  I do have the best intentions of planning things out, but hey, life just happens!  I decided recently that this longarm quilting business must be something I enjoy.  If I'm not enjoying it then it's not worth the stress.  I continue to remind myself of that commitment; if I am quilting a quilt for another person, I don't want to just put any old thing on it ... I want to finish someone else's quilt with the same care and love I would give my own!  So enough words ... let these pictures speak for themselves!  This is the same client whose quilt I showed you yesterday ...

Love her color choices ... really funky

I used a gold Isacord in top and bobbin

She is going to love this quilt ... I sure do!!
Thanks for all your support ... you all inspire me and give me a venue to show off something I love doing!!  Have a great week.


QuiltedSquid said...

Beautiful're going to have a happy customer!

jayne said...

Good job and yes, it is beautiful! Now, having done these makes you feel good - is the big WIN!!!!! Have a fun day and do something fun!!