Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

I was excited about it being leap day ... but I didn't feel that excitement anywhere today!!  I started my day off by doing a little meditating.  I have a couple books that I like to look at that have daily thoughts ... I flipped to February ... no 29th!??  What??????  I looked again ... then I laughed and panicked ... do I read the 28th (which I forgot to read yesterday), or do I jump to March 1?  Ahhhh ... I read the 28th!  How silly that I couldn't figure out which day to read ... that is me in a nutshell!!!  Ha, ha

Didn't get much accomplished today, but I sure had a blast doing it!  We're closing the month of February, and welcoming March ... whenever I think of March, I always think of spring ...
I think this daisy look a little lonely on my gate ... I was trying for a spring theme, but I think my shamrock for St. Patty's day needs to go up, and this adorable daisy needs to find a place in my house!  See the little escape artist on the left side of the gate?  As soon as I turn my back on her and walk up the driveway she sneaks under the chicken wire and quietly appears right behind me ... she is a brat ... but a cute one!!

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