Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dangerous work Friday

Well I had hoped to have a quilt to show you, but I had a little accident.  I had a 4" strip left at the bottom of the quilt I'm working on and I was basting the bottom down and ran over my pointer finger with the needle.  These machines stitch really fast, so I don't know if you can visualize this but the needle actually pierced through the center of my fingernail and came out the other side.  I could not believe it.  I had to pull the broken needle out of my fingernail.  I put some antibiotic cream on and some gauze and then I iced it.  My first thought was, I hope my machine is okay so I can finish the quilt.  I am insane.  It was because I was trying to hurry and finish the quilt because my husband was waiting for me so we could watch one of the news programs we normally watch together.  I learned an important lesson ... no more rushing.  I am pretty sure its going to be okay.  It does throb, but you would too if you had a needle driven into you!  Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with news that my finger is fine and the quilt is finished!

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Carolyn S. said...

Yikes, Hope your finger is improving. You know I'm doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, and she just ran a needle through one of her fingers also! Makes me feel a little sick just thinking about it.
Like they used to say on Hill Street Blues (I think)
"Hey, let's be careful out there. "