Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snoopy dance!

I love the Snoopy dance ... I love the Peanuts specials, but the Snoopy dance just always seems to sum up happiness ... I am doing the Snoopy dance because I am finished longarm quilting for the year!  Hooray ... got the quilt finished this morning that I had to stop sewing on last night, and on top of that, did another huge one today.  I know I had said I only had one quilt done, but my customer had another quilt that I knew was coming, and thought it could wait until after the beginning of the year, but it couldn't.  I suppose I could have said "no," but she is such a sweet lady, that I said I would do it for her.  Next year I am stopping after the middle of November.  Life is about learning, right?

My finger is fine ... it's a little sore, but boy am I lucky.  I suppose I will lose the nail at some point, but I'm not worried about that.  Here's the quilt that was the culprit ...
I did a pantograph on this called Allegiance.  It has stars and swirls in it ... it's really nice and I thought for a young boy's quilt it would be perfect because it was a nice and tight design.  Assuming the quilt will be washed a lot, a close design will hold up better.  This was the quilt I ordered a special colored Glide thread for .. . I just didn't have the perfect blue.  I also used the Magna Glide prewound bobbins, and you sure can't beat the ease of those.  Love them!  This quilt is for my customer's grandson. 

This quilt was for her granddaughter, and the one I said I would squeeze in.  She said she couldn't give her grandson his quilt without giving one to her granddaughter ... made sense!

This quilt I decided to do a pantograph called Tickle.  It's an all over swirling curvy pattern that I thought went well with the idea of a young girl's quilt.  I used a variegated King Tut on top ... it's hard to describe -- I originally bought the thread because it looked like a red variegated, but when I got it, it really was more of a pink/rose ... I still can't describe the color, but it went perfectly with this quilt.  I used Glide in the bottom, and I think this combination of King Tut on top and Glide in the bobbin is becoming one of my favorites.

I tried to get a close up of the quilting pattern, but you just can't see it!

So now I am looking forward to finishing my decorating, doing some more baking, sitting and hand sewing, and watching some great Christmas movies ... some of the things I love to do over the holidays!  Hope you are doing something for yourself this weekend that makes you want to do a Snoopy dance!

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