Thursday, December 1, 2011

Traveling Thursdays and Working in your Pajamas

Now what job can you be at and be able to wear your pajamas?  Today at the store from 5 to 9 we had extended hours because we were having a Pajama Party!  We had a big Christmas sale ... all Christmas fabric was 25% off ... if you wore your pj's and slippers, you got 45% off ... add that to your regular 10% discount if you've taken classes, and you could have saved as much as 55% on Christmas fabric!  We also had "make and takes" where we had several projects that you could sit and make while having pj party food ... hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, mini donuts, popcorn, red licorice!  It was loads of fun.  Everyone loved the make and takes, and we had kits packaged for you to take home and make some more.  Sharon took a load of pictures, and I will share them with you when she gets them up on the store blog.

The Traveling Thursday blog today is a blog I may have sent you to before ... Green Fairy Quilts.  This woman does some amazing quilting ... I'm sending you there because I want you to see the quilt she just finished.  She spent 40 hours quilting it ... now I don't know how much she charges, but by my calculations, that is at least $800.00 ... I can't imagine someone would spend that on a quilt, so maybe she doesn't charge by the hour!  This quilting is AMAZING!!!!  Check it out ... 

Its time for me to go to bed tonight ... I worked from 9:30 to 9 tonight ... that is one long day and I'm glad it's done!

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Carolyn S. said...

wow, thanks for the link. I think I have looked at her quilts before, but that one was just incredible!!
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