Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the eleventh day ...

. . . shopping!  I needed to run some errands today and had my list, was ready to go, and decided that my darling daughter should come with me.  By the time she was ready it was 1:00 p.m. ... we started at Trader Joe's where it is always crowded and it was pretty bad, but we got out of there fast.  Then we went to Macy's and Target at a nearby mall.  I could not believe how many people were in Target ... families shopping together.  And it looked like they were shopping for sport, not to get stuff accomplished.  Is it just me?  This time of year I just want to get my errands done and get home, shopping is not a sport a few days before Christmas ... and definitely not something I see the whole family doing together.  Maybe I'm missing out!

Yesterday the kids made a gingerbread house kit that we had had from last year.  We weren't going to eat it, so I said it would be fine.  The only problem was the icing was like paste ... it was sticky and thick and even microwaving it a little didn't help a whole lot.  My son's girlfriend was visiting just for the day, and I figured it would be something fun for them all to do ... my son even participated while he was hooked up to his cold therapy machine!!
I decided when I was done with my hand sewing yesterday that I would help them out and finish the windows ... thank goodness you can't see the windows that I did because they are a mess!  It was really fun though.  The thing I love best about the holidays is just hanging out with my family, laughing and doing things together.  Creating memories.

I promised you I would tell all about our Christmas party from the store.  We draw names at the beginning of the year and then you do a nice gift for your person.  We also bring small gifts for everyone that works there.  There are a total of 10 of us now.  It is always lots of fun ... we are almost never all of us together, and we are all friends, so its a lot of fun.  We usually do it at someone's house so we can visit, and the gift giving tends to be a little crazy.  It was at JoAnn's; I have never been to her house before ... it is just beautiful.  It is like walking into one of those Country Living homes ... everything is just so, and she had little vignettes of Christmas displays everywhere ... walls, bathroom, etc.  I already told you what I gave my person, and my friend that had me went crazy ... first, it was this fantastic bag

These bags are a pattern by JAM called Santa Bags.  I have always wanted one and I couldn't believe Donna made one for me ... I was ecstatic.  Kind of like a stocking, but bigger ... we tend to really stuff our stockings and there is not much room in them, so every year I think (a little too late) that I should make the kids santa bags.  Maybe I should start them in January for next Christmas!

The bag would have been plenty, but when I opened it this was what was inside

... this lovely antique tote.  I love it!!!!  I love antiques, but try not to buy them very often because its just not in my budget, so what a thrill to get one.  She filled each one of these cubbies with something ... I think this is going to live on my sewing desk and hold all my supplies.  As if all this wasn't enough, this was in there too ...
Isn't this cute?  It is so fun to get quilts from others.  The quilting on this one is beautiful as well.  It is really a joy to work with a group of people that share the same livelihood.  It always amazes me how generous they all are, and how creative as well.  I have so many blessings in my life ... not many people can say they really love where they work.

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