Sunday, November 20, 2011

Accomplishing so much from my sofa!

I thought I would try a fun post today to change the mood of my usual Sunday posts (or what they are in my head at least!) ... I was on the computer surfing around my normal sites today, and it's only 3:23 p.m. and here is all I've done today --

--Ordered myself a color Nook from Target (on sale and with a $30 gift card on a future purchase)
--Ordered three Christmas presents from another site with a 88% savings (can't say what they are in case the recipients are reading!)
--Printed my drugstore hit lists for the week complete with awesome deals and assembled my coupons
--Loaded my Starbuck's card

I feel so virtuous!  My husband always makes fun of me for spending so much time on the computer and playing with all my coupon sites, etc (even though he spends a lot of time on the computer himself just looking at things he enjoys looking at!), but I have found some awesome deals through my sites, and so I will continue to do so!  I have been debating a Kindle or a Nook for quite some time now ... I love reading, and love feeling a book in my hand, but there are certain times when a reading device would be lots better than a book ... when I'm at a doctor's appointment and don't want to read a book, when I'm Black Friday shopping in line and don't want to carry a book to weigh me down, when I'm on vacation and don't want to lug a lot of books ... I always take extra books because there is nothing worse than running out of something to read on vacation (I also don't like to buy books and since I usually use the library, the obvious choice when you run out of something to read on vacation is buying a book!).  I opened the Target ad this morning and saw they have the color Nook on sale for $199 plus $30 gift card on a future purchase.  The ad said no rain checks and subject to availability ... I decided to check online and even though it cost $4.98 for shipping and handling, that was worth the small price to not have to deal with driving over to Target and possibly having them be out of stock, and having to drive to another Target.  I am really excited!  I wasn't going to spend the money on myself because I'm prohibiting what I'm allowed to spend since I'm still paying off my quilting machine, but I decided since I have been quilting a lot of quilts, I could afford a small present.  Also, my mom always gives me money for Christmas for a gift for myself, so I'll put it towards this.  Have I justified the expense yet?  Ha, ha ...

I am having a little chat with myself today ... while going through all the sales and making my lists, I am panicking a little about being able to get in on all these sales that I can.  This is what I think ... I hate that beautiful, simple days that are meant to be spent with family and in relaxation, have been turned into shopping events.  I get day after Thanksgiving 6 a.m. shopping, but a year or so ago it became 3 a.m. shopping and now this year 12 a.m. shopping, and many places are going to be open Thanksgiving day so we can all shop!  I hate it ... what about all the people that have to work on these days and don't get to spend the time with their families?  Okay, so maybe an argument can be made that not everyone wants the day off, or wants the overtime ... but I know several people who are hard workers and work retail and do not appreciate having to interrupt their Thanksgiving festivities to go to work ... enough is enough!  I actually caught myself today thinking "hey, I'm always up late, hubby and I could always go after Thanksgiving shopping at 12 a.m., better than getting up early!"  Oh wait, did I just think that ... NO, NO, NO!!  Now I realize not everyone thinks like me, but I just feel like all of this hoopla over Christmas is not about Christmas, it's about what people can get ... enough selfishness ... I'm tired of reading stories about people being trampled, shot, pushed, etc. all to get the best deal.  I continue to vow and pledge that I WILL NOT go after Thanksgiving shopping until Friday morning ... will you join me?  Will you boycott shopping on Thanksgiving to send a message to retailers that families are more important then sales?  Okay ... now I feel better!

Now on a totally different note ... one of the blogs I read had a post on it today showing quilts from the River City Quilter's Guild (think it's in California) ... and look what I found a picture of in that show ...
... our own Donna Yackey's block of the month Christmas quilt ... isn't it beautiful?  I'll have to send an email to Donna and let her know.  Our store, the Country Loft, where I first learned to quilt ... well, my first quilt teacher was Donna Yackey and this is one of the first blocks of the month she did ... it is just the cutest pattern and mine is almost done ... oh, this makes me want to go dig it out of the UFO's upstairs and finish it ... wouldn't that be fun?  Really, it is almost done ... sounds like something I need to check out!

Okay, off to start my laundry so it can be done before 11 p.m. tonight ... oh, and if you're on the west coast and still have time, don't forget today is the last day of Starbuck's B1G1 free holiday drink from 2 to 5 p.m.  Sending darling daughter over for a skinny peppermint mocha with half the chocolate ... I've been wanting to get in on this deal since it started on the 17th, but darling hubby doesn't drink Starbuck's or coffee, and darling daughter hasn't been around to share the deal with!

Just a small report on my quilting so you can see my quilting calendar that is keeping me on track is really working ... I loaded a quilt this morning and have it all set up and ready to quilt.  I looked at it for a while because it really needs some different kind of quilting on it ... there are big blank spaces in the blocks that would really lend themselves to some pretty quilting.  Time to try a different quilt pattern; I've paged through some of my books on quilting and I'm going to sit and practice some designs on the white board this afternoon while I finish watching the Chargers get their butts kicked in Chicago ... UGH!  My calendar says tomorrow I have a quilt scheduled to be quilted, so by loading it today, I just give myself a break on tomorrow.  I realized some time ago, that if I load a quilt one day, and quilt it the next, it just seems like it goes so much faster.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday ...

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