Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Singer machines and longarm quilting

I had a really successful day today!  I started my day off by taking a class from a friend, maintenance on your featherweight.  The class was taught at The Country Loft, and it was great.  I don't have a featherweight, but if you remember, I did just buy a Singer sewing machine, it's a "99."  Peggy showed us how to oil the machine, and take it apart.  She assured us that if we did this on a regular basis, our machines would hum beautifully.  My machine had just been serviced, so I knew it was working great.  I wanted to take this class though because I wanted to know how to take care of the machine and save myself some $$$ in maintenance.  What was fun, was to see the other ladies in the class exclaim at how quietly and so much better that their machines sewed after they were cleaned and oiled.  It is just amazing what a little oil will do!

Then I came home and got myself busy quilting.  I loaded two quilts last night on my machine, and quilted one of them today.  I had hoped to get both done, but it just didn't happen.  As it was, I wound up burning the taco shells in the toaster oven that we were having for dinner because I just ran next door to the granny flat to finish up the bottom of the quilt.  I came back and said to my daughter "didn't you smell those shells burning?"  No, she said ... they just smelled like taco shells!  Luckily I had some flour tortillas in the refrigerator, so dinner was saved!  Good thing, because I don't cook that much!

I had to laugh because today at the store, I was feeling great because I was going to have two quilts done to give back to customers on Friday, and then I got three more quilts in!  Ha, ha ... I wanted business, and here it comes!!!!  That's great ... and I'm learning to plan.

Friday night I am teaching a Mystery Quilt class at the store.  These Friday evening classes have been called Wimpy All-Nighters because the object is to get your quilt done that night!  We also provide dinner, so it's a great deal for the student ... dinner and a whole night of quilting for only $25!  Wow!!!  I decided I am going to make lasagna, sweet italian sausages, do a salad, garlic bread, and my friend, Karen, is bringing dessert.  Wasn't that sweet of her?  Tomorrow night after work I'll come home and put the lasagnas together.  I like to let the lasagna marinate as the flavor tastes better after it's sat.  That way on Friday, I can go to the gym, take my mom to the grocery store, pick up the patterns I had copied at the copy store, and quilt the next quilt on my machine.  That way I won't be rushed to do dinner.  The class starts at 5:30 ... it should be loads of fun!! 

Up tomorrow is work ... we're getting ready for our big open house, next Saturday, November 12.  It's going to be loads of fun with lots of kits.  Are you busy ... make sure you squeeze in a visit from 10 to 5 ... The Country Loft, 4685 Date Avenue, La Mesa, California, 619-466-5411.  Check us out on the web too ...

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