Monday, November 7, 2011

Class and sewing woes

Today I taught an Apron Strings class.  It was great fun and everyone enjoyed the process of making such a scrappy, fun quilt.  I had a beginning quilter today and she made a different quilt and did great!  I loaded another quilt yesterday and started quilting, and my thread was breaking every inch or so.  Oh dear ... gave up on it yesterday, and decided to try it again today.  I readjusted the needle bar height, and still thread breaking.  Called my dealer's husband who deals with maintenance ... he is so very nice!  Talked me through the whole thing; I tested it on the side of the quilt and it was working great.  He said to call if I had any more problems ... sewed part of a row, and it broke again.  Tried this a couple more times adjusting the nut on the tension spring assembly, nothing is helping.  Gave up for the evening.  I'm not sure, but I think there is something wrong with my check spring.  I'm going to call John again tomorrow and work it out.  It is just depressing when you have something that needs to work and it won't.  I don't know why I'm so bummed about this ... probably because I have an incredibly busy week.  I have three quilts that need to be done by Friday, and I can't tolerate my machine not working.  Oh well, I'm going to go watch some t.v. and take a mind break!  Life is not so bad ... I think I need to not eat halloween candy on the weekend!  I was saying today that I have a hard time on Monday's.  I just realized that the last two Sundays I have had a big handful of halloween chocolate ... I don't think my system likes it.  I feel sluggish and kind of out of sorts.  Too much sugar!


QuiltedSquid said...

Hi C
I'm sorry your having problems with your Innova. I have faith you'll get it fixed soon. Call me if you need to talk.

sylvia said...

Hi Colleen, My friend (and yours) Tina told me about your blog, so I'm visiting. I have a different Long Arm machine, but I've learned that once you master those tension issues, 90% of your problems will be behind you. It just takes practice practice practice, no matter what machine you have! Be sure your bobbin tension is set correctly ... I use the 'spider crawling down' method ... I set the bobbin in the palm of my hand and then lift the bobbin by the thread and if it slowly falls back into my palm, that's it. Anyway, you'll figure out where the sweet spot is for your own machine. We all go through this, trust me! You have a sweet blog and I'm glad I'm here ... come check out my blog and let me know what you think! Sylvia (aka dancing bear)