Thursday, November 3, 2011

Traveling Thursday

It is Thursday again ... what a week!  Today at the store, Mindy and I worked on the Christmas Memories quilt kits ... we made 7 kits and it took all day!  It was really important for me to figure out the exact yardage for this quilt.  The pattern called for 15 yards, but we thought that was too high.  We didn't get a lot of fabric on each of the bolts ... I've been a little stressed about trying to figure out the exact yardage.  With Mindy cutting the base of the kit (and most of the cutting involved), I measured and sat and measured some more and figured out the applique yardage.  Then I cut that yardage and we put it all together.  We had to make a few substitutions because we ran short on some of the fabric.  The kits are just beautiful, and we've pretty much depleted most of the fabric line.  Already three of the kits are spoken for!  That's usually what happens when customers see us cutting kits; they sell out from under us.

Came home from work and got my lasagna made and put in the refrigerator for tomorrow night's dinner.  Mindy is sweet and offered to bring a salad, so all I have to do tomorrow is get some garlic bread when I take my mom grocery shopping, pop the lasagna in about 4:30 p.m., and then gather it all together for class tomorrow night.  I was stressed earlier in the week about the class, but really looking forward to it now ... some of my favorite friends are taking the class.  It should prove to be a blast and a good time!

Okay, along the couponing and free stuff side of my life, this is another blog that I absolutely love!  I am amazed at the things that people post on blogs ... all the time they spend posting stuff for us to save money on ... what a lot of work, and they're not getting paid!  Since I've been reading this blog, I've picked up some great deals ... super prices on peanut butter and ziploc bags from Amazon, $3.99 subscription to Shape magazine, numerous super cheap or free deals at drugstores, free samples, super great dollar amount coupons, and on, and on!  If nothing else, you will be amazed at the stuff out there available to all of us ... we just need someone to point us in the right direction!  Enjoy ...

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