Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday already?

I'm having problems tonight with my computer checking the blogs ... maybe blogspot is running slow?  We'll see if I can get this to print ... maybe blogspot is trying to recover from Thanksgiving like the rest of us! 

I didn't post yesterday ... I didn't get any quilting done.  Ran a bunch of errands for myself, then took my mom to the grocery store, and then was just on overload by the time I got home and had lunch.  I think it was the start of the week, and the after effects of such a busy few days.  I just couldn't seem to get much done; I did load a quilt, and then spent about 4 hours playing with designs on my whiteboard trying to figure out what to do to the quilt.  Some quilts are just like that ... I think more it was that I was burned out, rather than the quilt couldn't "speak" to me.  Normally with an embroidered quilt like this I would not stitch over the embroidery, but the customer specifically asked for it to be quilted over.  She didn't want the huge pieces of embroidery to be puffed up where they weren't quilted.  I understand that ... so finally this morning I just decided to plunge ahead and see what happened when I put myself at the quilting machine.

I decided to just do an all over leaf meander throughout the quilt.  The embroidery was done with little "x's" like cross stitching, so I did some wavy cross-hatching in the big blocks.  I also echoed the "x" in each of the border blocks.  I think it came out really well.

The cross hatching in the blocks does the job of holding the block down, but isn't so overpowering that it masks her beautiful stitching.  I did have to be careful with the quilting because it would be very easy to get the foot caught on the stitching and pull it out.

I loaded another quilt this evening, and will start on that tomorrow morning.  It's pretty simple ... I did get a call today from one of my customers thanking me for the flowery quilt with the turquoise stitching that I just did last week.  She just picked it up today (I leave the quilts at the store for people to pick up.  It just makes it more convenient for them); she said she loved the turquoise thread, and the design ... remember this one

It was so nice to get that phone call ... she is just a sweet lady and I was very happy that she loved the quilt as much as I did!  Well it's late and past time for bed.  Hope you're getting back into the swing of things after the long break.  What are you working on ... quilting?, shopping?, Christmas?, work?, napping???????? 


QuiltedSquid said...

Hi C I love the curvy crosshatching! I haven't done one thing regarding quilting this week...I'm thinking it'll get done on it's own! Have a great day!

jayne said...

Nice job on this Colleen....good choice! Your creativity is bubbling over :)