Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I learned

In keeping with following my quilting calendar, today there wasn't a quilt to be done, but I decided to pin my next one on so that I can be ready to quilt tomorrow.  I got so excited that I started quilting it as well ... did a row, and then decided to stop and finish it tomorrow as planned.  This isn't supposed to be an every day job! 

Do you think every day is an opportunity to learn something?  I do ... I always try to look on the bright side of things and I believe that in everything there is opportunity for growth ... a failure is not really a failure, but a chance to learn something.  I love watching babies and seeing how fast they learn and what they pick up on ... I was thinking as I was jetting around the web today what I learn in one day ... so here's a little recap on what I learned today with a fair amount of time, and a little bit of effort:

==how to make peppermint hot chocolate in a crock pot
==how to turn a toilet roll holder into a cute advent goodie
==that one of the people that I work with just took her halloween decorations down (mine are coming down tomorrow!)
==one of my favorite bloggers, her favorite way to mark her quilts are the air erase purple pens; she only marks stencils and straight lines (don't know why you mark straight lines), but she uses 3 to 4 pens per quilt ... wow!
==a tutorial on how to attach a binding by machine (I HAVE been doing it right!!)
==that I am three months behind on the Bloggers Block of the Month
==that there are super busy people out there with no time to blog because they're preparing for Thanksgiving
==that there are loads of coupons out there on the internet that I would never know about printing except for all the wonderful bloggers that take their time to post the links (do you know how many protein bar coupons there are ... wow!)
==that Henry's and Trader Joe's both take manufacturer coupons ... I never knew that
==I can get my favorite hairspray on sale at RiteAid this week for $1.24 a can
==I can get free vitamins at Target

The best part of my day was driving to pick my son up at the Orange County airport bright and early this morning.  So wonderful to see him and have him home!  What did you learn today?

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