Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cruising along and the finish line!

Okay ... my plan was to finish my backing last night on the Christmas quilt and then I decided to pin it on the frame last night.  I had already decided I was going to skip my coffee this a.m. with my friends and skip the gym; I had to be to work at about 11 to help out with the Christmas opening, and I figured if I got up early enough, I could have 3 good hours of quilting on the quilt.  Keeping my fingers crossed that my machine was okay.  Well, the sun was shining on me today, and my angels were certainly supporting me!  I got the top on and started sewing and everything was good ... no breaking of threads.  The tension on the back didn't look perfect to me, but I think it could have been because I was running a heavy thread on top, and So Fine, a light weight poly on the bottom.  I'm going to try and correct that on my next quilt and see if it's not more to my liking.  If I still have that minor issue, I'll call John again and see if we can't fine tune it.  I am SO HAPPY that my machine is working ... it was so sad when it was not feeling well earlier in the week!

Left here about 11 and got to work and we were busy making kits all day!  I have to say that as crazy as it can be there, I love these days because our celebrations at work when we have these big shindigs, is when everyone is so excited about quilting and life!  I love it ... it's fun to see all the customers get so excited about whatever season is here, and what goodies they can find.  I came home and finished up the quilting on the Christmas quilt ... I was 3/4 of the way done with it when I left this a.m.  Are you ready for it ... here it is
One more thing checked off my list!  Hurray ... I it's only 20 after 6 and I am giving myself the evening off ... going to sit, relax, watch some t.v., and probably cut some coupons!  Have a good evening!!

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QuiltedSquid said...

Omg it turned out perfect!