Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Have you ever noticed that the days around this time of year just slip away ... they fly.  Today is Tuesday and I got little done ... I took my mom to the doctor this morning and then to the grocery store and drug store.  Then I dashed home for lunch and a little break, and then went to an appointment with my husband.  We didn't get back until about 6:30.  It seems like balance is an issue that comes up often in my life ... or rather, my strife for balance.  If you ask my husband he will tell you I don't have balance ... I throw myself headfirst into whatever I do ... the flip side is that then I get burned out and everything has to shut down to try and get my balance back.

The funny thing is I am a Libra ... I don't know how much value I put in that, but that symbol is the scales.  Very interesting ... I think if I could have any wish in the world, my first wish would be for the health of my family and the second wish would be for balance.  I think it should be a course in school ... I don't know how to get it ... there must be people that are really good at balance, but I don't know many.  I usually get really excited about whatever I'm doing, and keep myself super busy at it ... but then I wonder, am I doing that to avoid something else?  Here's the definition of balance in the dictionary
(1)  an instrument for weighing
(2)  a means of judging or deciding
How do you know when your balanced?  What do you do when you're out of balance?  I think everyone needs escapes in their life ... I know from a young age I read and I loved reading because it took me out of my own life and transported me to some other place.  I still love reading.  I don't do enough of it because it takes time.  I do love to read in the morning when it's quiet in the house and before I start my day ... that way I don't feel like I'm missing something else I should be doing.  I do believe this issue of balance continues to raise its head in my life because its something that I haven't settled with yet.  Have you ever noticed that things you have trouble grasping or that you just don't handle well, continue to come into your life?  I have ... I do believe they are lessons and that when I get the lesson right, I settle the issue ... but until I get it right it continues to come back to me in a different situation.

I feel like if I could get balance, I could get the answer to life ... does that sound too heavy?  Can you tell things are a little out of whack in my life at the moment ... ha, ha?!  Does anyone have balance this time of year?  Well, this is an issue that I see myself coming back to ...for right now I'm going to sit in front of the fire, watch some t.v. and not think about balance!

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