Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shadow day and quilting

The high school has parent shadow day every year the day before the kids leave for Thanksgiving break.  It's a great way for the parents to be able to embarrass their high schoolers!  It is really so we can go to class with them, and just get a feel for what their day is like.  First of all, I would like to say that all those kids that start school at 7:10 in the a.m. deserve our admiration!  Wow, I have never had a job where I had to be to work that early, and let me tell you it is really early to be awake, ready and attentive.  The first class was government and interesting to hear the teens' perspectives on how active government should be in the schools, particularly pertaining to whether they should regulate healthier lunches in schools ... some good thoughts from the kids.  The second class was a.p. psychology and we got to watch the last 15 minutes of The Caine Mutiny ... it was good, and made me want to watch the whole movie ... the rest of the period was left for chatting because the teens had a sub; next class was Film as Literature where we got to watch some of their favorite scenes from different movies, one of them being the Good Morning dance/singing scene from Singing in the Rain ... awesome ... the kids said it drove them crazy, I couldn't help but admire the effortless tap dancing of those three stars.  Then we were off to statistics, where I did my crossword puzzle because math is something I just don't get at that level.  Physics was fun because their teacher did a couple of demonstrations with props, and then proceeded to set a table and show them how they could pull the tablecloth out from under the Thanksgiving table ... complete with dishes and his lunch on the cloth!  He's a great teacher ... the last class of the day was drama and that is always entertaining because the teens do some kind of improv ... you should not be allowed to have that much fun and get a grade!  It was my last year and I will say I am a little sad about that, but not too much so ... there will be more fun to come as the kids get older and it is time to be done with high school.

Today I finished quilting a quilt for a customer ... I have had it for over a month, and I feel really good about finally getting it done.  I bought one of those calendars that you hang on the wall with the big grids, and penciled in my quilting schedule for the next two weeks so I can feel organized. 

My goal is to get my quilting done in the next two weeks, and then be off for most of the month of December.  I finished one quilt this week and took in five more!  Despite all the quilts I have waiting to be quilted, I feel much more organized looking at this calendar.  I have seven quilts that need to be done in the next two weeks, and this is totally doable!  You can see that on my calendar!

Here's a picture of the quilt I just finished
Isn't this a cute quilt?  It is a Christmas quilt and I quilted it with my favorite Glide thread in a bright green ... it compliments the green of the quilt superbly!  Instead of just doing an all over in the whole quilt, I did an all over loopy design in the center, and then did a big loop in the inner border and a spiral in the outer border.

She made this quilt out of flannel and I just wanted to curl up with it ... I just love quilt store flannel.  It is so soft and sturdy ... the best thing on the back of a quilt you are going to snuggle with!

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