Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving

Oh my, oh my ... the day before Thanksgiving and I had a really great, relaxing day!  Kind of wondering when the bomb will fall ... ha, ha!  I started out my day with coffee with a couple of girlfriends, and was going to run to a couple of drugstores for sales, but decided after I doublechecked my lists, it wasn't anything I couldn't live without.  Decided to skip the gym, go home and finish the quilt I was quilting ... I know, I should have gone to the gym!  I wanted to get the quilt finished so I could spend some time just hanging out with my son.  The quilt was fairly small, so I finished it in about 1 1/2 hours, remember I had started it yesterday, so it was a breeze to finish.  When I started quilting yesterday, I wasn't really sure I liked the quilting pattern, and contemplated ripping it out, but I'm glad I didn't.  It looks so cute ...

don't you think!  This is a baby quilt, and she embroidered a little saying on two sides of the quilt ... so sweet!  I just love the pink and black combination.

A friend had asked me a couple weeks ago to quilt a quilt for her, one we are using as a sample at the store.  She just brought it to me on Monday ... so I knew it had to get squeezed in somewhere.  I loaded it this afternoon and quilted just a bit of it ... it's super simple, just a stipple.  I'll either finish it up tomorrow before everyone gets moving tomorrow, or I'll finish it Friday morning after my Black Friday shopping.  I don't leave the house before 6 or 7, and it's just for fun.  I usually go to Old Navy, a couple of clothing stores for my daughter, might pop in to Target, but that's usually a madhouse, and this year will hit the three drugstores ... they are having lots of goodies for free with coupons, but I'm not going to stress about what I get or don't get.  The sad part is my friends that I usually go with are both working now and working retail, so hubby volunteered to go with me.  He's really not a morning person, but he'll either sit in the car and sleep while I'm shopping, or maybe I'll drag him into the stores!  I will definitely drag him to breakfast at some point.

Later my son and I gave the dogs a bath because it has been way too long since they were bathed!  It's easy to bathe Sophie because she fits in the sink, but Charlie is a 70 lb. dog, and he doesn't particularly like baths, but you can buy him off so easily with cookies!  Now they are both ready for Thanksgiving!  And they love the smell of turkey cooking all day!

So then I decided I needed some turkey sugar cookies to finish off the day ... haven't done that in a long time ... the cookies needed a little icing, and I just couldn't get the right color ... the first set of dyed frosting came out baby poop green color, which my daughter made me throw away.  The second color isn't a lot better, but it will have to do!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you ... may you be filled with abundant blessings, lots of yummy food, and wonderful family and friends.  I am thankful for each of you!


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Carolyn S. said...

Hey Colleen,
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Stel, Nick and Kierney! Hope you have a wonderful day. My sis-in-law is hosting us, so I have an easy day, and should be a fun one.
So many things to be thankful for in a not so great year.
And about the quilt I'm working on? The reason no one else who commented said I'm crazy is because they're all doing it too! ;)
Happy day to you.