Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to quilting

I came back on Friday, and had promised a customer that I would finish her quilt that day.  She is someone that I met at the quilt store, and she took a class from me.  This quilt is not the one she did in my class, but it is the first quilt I have ever quilted for her.  When I do a quilt for the first time for someone, I like to turn it around right away.  I don't want them thinking it takes me forever to get a quilt done.  Well because I had done so many Sew for the Cure quilts, and I was trying to finish up samples, I had not gotten her quilt done as soon as I liked.  So I got it quilted yesterday.  It's so cute ... she picked a simple, all over stipple. 
I must say, with all the fancy quilting out there and all the wonderful things you could have probably done to this quilt, I just love stippling.  It is a simple pattern, but I love simple.  It looked really great in a nice taupe colored thread. 

Today I need to stop playing around on the computer and get back to the other quilt that I had to rip the stitching out of and take the borders off.  It's made out of a jelly roll and then the strips are cut at an angle ... talk about some biased edges ... well my friend said they had measured and added borders the way I told her to.  But when I took the borders off, I discovered the quilt was not even.  I had to measure in several different spots, and trim about 3 times before I got it straight ... or as straight as I can.  I am not criticizing my friend's piecing skills .. this is the first quilt I've ever had a problem with from her.  There are so many angles, and I think when you added the other strips, and sewed everything together, it was just going to be really difficult for it to be straight.  There's just not way to keep it straight.  I'll take a picture when I'm done, and you'll understand then how it could have been off by an inch or so.  Now I need to sew the borders back on and then get it back to the frame.  If worse comes to worse, I'll spray it with a bunch of starch, and block it before it goes on the frame.  Wish me luck!  Have a safe and wonderful labor day weekend!


Quiltdolls said...


The quilt looks great. Was this one from Catherines class?


colleencl said...

Kim -- It was the quilt from Catherine's class. It came out really cute! She did a good job. Colleen