Friday, September 16, 2011

My sewing room

What does your sewing room look like?  Are you lucky enough to have one, or do you sew at the dining room table, living room, etc?  I used to use the dining room table, and got so tired of having to put everything away.  I am so very lucky to have my own little sewing nook ... it used to be my daughter's room, believe it or not, it is so small!  I think the room is about 9' x 12 ' ... I am not complaining, I am just so very happy to have this space!  It is a little bit of  a challenge, because I have to keep up on keeping it clear or I just can't work.  I am constantly reordering things, I love to organize! 

See why I had to reorganize my strips the other day?  I just can't stand having a mess.  Now this apron strings project is one messy project.  There is just no way to do it without making a small mess!
The amazing thing is I can actually sew in this little space.
Now here's what they looked like after they were sewn ... still kind of messy.
And then, they made this ...

Isn't it lovely?  This is just the first layout ... I need to do some tweaking because I want to mix the colors up a little and even it out.  Here's a tip ... after I lay my blocks out before I sew the rows together, I always take a picture on my digital camera.  I can really see much easier what needs to be adjusted.  Usually I just look at it on my screen on the camera, but if I'm really having trouble seeing it, then I'll upload it to my computer.

Here's the second part of my Across the Wide Missouri quilt ... more wahoos!!!  It's coming along great!

Yesterday I was talking about my binding class ... and Amy wrote "ahem ... when are you going to share the tips with us?"  Well thank you for asking ... I'll try to get that together in the next couple days and post it for you!  It's much easier to explain with pics, so I'll get my daughter to help me out maybe, or just do it myself.  Happy Friday everyone!

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