Friday, September 23, 2011

Quilts and birthdays

Well here it is finally finished .... the apron strings quilt!
I think it really came out great.  I'm going to wash it and I look forward to seeing it pucker up and look old!  I was running short on time today so I put the binding on totally by machine.  Usually I sew the binding to the quilt with the machine, but then hand sew the back of it.  But I really didn't have a couple of hours to spend on the hand sewing, so I sewed it on by machine.  I sure understand why people like this method.  It's a little tricky getting it sewn really close to the edge so it looks nice, and I still am not quite sure the best way to do the corners without having to go back and put a hand stitch or two in, but it cut the time at least in half.  More like 1/4 of the time!

Today was my husband's birthday ...

Can you guess how old he turned?
Since my son has been away at college, every time we have a birthday, either for me, my husband, or our daughter, we always call our son, put him on speakerphone, and that way he gets to chime in on the celebration.  Our dog, Charlie, always likes to chime in too ... whenever we sing the happy birthday song, he'll start barking.  It's really funny ... even if I'm just sitting here on the couch and start singing happy birthday, he barks.  He doesn't do that when I sing anything else, so I know it's not my voice!
I get to work tomorrow with my buddy, Mindy, so it should be quite an adventure.  We have a big class tomorrow at the store.  I love days like that at work ... it really changes the feel of the store to have a class going on.  There is such energy in the store when a class is in full swing.  We love to have classes ... everyone is having a great time, sewing, chatting and letting everyone know "hey, at the Country Loft it is a fun place to be!"  Hope you find a fun place to be this weekend!

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