Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wool project homework

No binding tutorial today.  I promise it will be on the blog tomorrow ... just did not have time to write it out today.  I spent my day working on a new wool project that I took with friends in a class on Friday.  We have a great teacher at the store, Kathy Cardiff.  She has three patterns for wool totes ... small, medium and large.  The one I'm making is called Pocketful of Posies (it's the medium tote) ... inside the tote is a pin cushion and needle case that is all attached by a long ribbon so you don't lose them.  They are so cute!  I have a TON of wool, and I haven't worked with it for so long, I decided it would be great fun to take a class with my friends, and use up some of this wool!
I hand sewed all the posies, stems and leaves onto the front today.  I love hand sewing ... it gives me a great excuse to watch t.v.!  Whenever I work with perle cotton using a whipstitch, it takes me a while to get my stitch even and looking the way I want it to.  The tote is going to fold in half so the posies will be on each side of the bag.  This is the entire outside of the tote without the gussets or top.  I love this piece of wool!  I bought it a few months ago in the store and I didn't know what I would use it for, but then came this perfect project! We have our second part of the class next Friday.  The rest of my homework is to cut out the needle case and pin cushion.

So I didn't get to my new quilt project today, but I will have to start that tomorrow after the second part of my very beginning quilting class.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday ... I am going to finish watching all the new shows that I DVR'd last week ... NCIS, the Mentalist ... when does the new House start?  I'll have to find that out ... don't want to miss it!

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