Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today I taught a class at the Country Loft.  I knew it was going to be small, but that's okay.  Especially when I'm teaching a beginning class, if people are really beginners, then it's nice to not have so many people and be able to really give one on one atttention.  Kathy (the store manager) took the class, Judy who was an earlier student came to finish a project, and then I had a new student, Katie who had made one quilt before.  I knew I had a high school student who was coming.  She had never sewn or used a sewing machine before, but for her senior project, she picked to learn how to make a quilt.  I was very excited about being able to teach a teenager how to quilt! She was coming late because she had to take the SAT in the morning.  Here's a picture of the three ladies ...
Sorry the picture's not very good ... I was shooting into the sunlight.  The class was the quilt that is hanging on the wall behind Katie in the far back on the right.  We had a good time and everyone made great progress on their quilt.  My high school student got there a little before 1, and by the time she left she had 9 blocks already done.    Here is her first block ...

Isn't it cute, and isn't she adorable?  I could not believe how fast she picked it all up and how well she worked.  You have to know how to sew on the machine before you can take classes, but I made an exception for her, and I'm so glad I did!  Because she didn't get a chance to finish, and because she has a minimum amount of hours she has to spend on this project for her assignment, she's going to come into the store for several afternoons until she can finish.  So exciting!  Her quilt colors were really cute too!

For everyone that lives in the San Diego area, our store is doing something really fun this week ... Thursday through Saturday this week, we are having demo days.  It kicks off on Thursday where we will be demoing different things througout the day.  If you check the store's website, we should have a schedule listed.  Here is the Country Loft's phone number in case you want to call and see what is on the agenda (619) 466-5411.  The website is  By the way, there is no charge for the demonstrations ... free!

What a fun day it was, and now we have a new, young quilter ... I hope she loves it as much as we all do!

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