Friday, September 30, 2011

A different addiction

Well ... I know that quilting is an addiction, but when I started frame/longarm quilting, no one told me I would be prone to another addiction ... this one almost as costly as the fabric part of quilting ...

thread!  I have probably ... oh wait, let me run and go count how many I have ... 35 cones of thread.  These cost anywhere from $10.00 wholesale to about $20 retail!  Do you need insurance for your stash????  I love threads ... now this is hilarious because I am a pretty simple quilter, so most of my machine quilting are colors that don't stand out very much.  Do you know there are loads and loads of taupe/beige/brown colors????  Ha, ha, ha ....  When I went to take my longarm classes, I bought a bunch of really pretty colored threads ... aquamarine, red, bright green, hot pink ... I just thought the colors were so pretty that I had to jump out of my box.  Now I have to jump out of my fabric box and piece a quilt that will go with those colors ... it's always something!

Today took the second part of my wool project class at the store.  Here is my almost completed pocketful of posies ...
Isn't it cute?  I have to remove the basting lines, sew down the top casing, and insert my rulers so it will snap shut.  It is really fun, but very time consuming ... we decided we needed a third class, so we talked Kathy into adding a third class in a couple of weeks that we will pay her for.  Now, when we talk about addictions .... let's talk about wool ...............................ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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