Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The third Tuesday of every month we have a sewing get together at the store.  It started out as a friendship group to do the Dear Jane quilt ... but only a couple people are still working on Dear Jane.  It is definitely a friendship group, and most of us work on some kind of applique project if we're not doing Dear Jane.  I have completed about 17 of those one hundred and some odd blocks.  It's a beautiful quilt, but definitely a long term goal.
This is what the finished quilt looks like!  Isn't it amazing?  These are 5" blocks ... that is small!  So the quilt is one thing, but then look at those amazing borders.  I'm hoping to have it done when I'm 75!  Hand sewed on my last BOM block ... so close to being done with that.  Got the borders on my Apron Strings quilt ... it doesn't look like I expected it to.  Because the border is a civil war print, it really changed the look of the quilt (I think) ... I was looking for something that made it a little more fun, but frankly I just want the quilt done and I was tired of searching for the perfect border print.  It will still look amazing.

One of the best parts of my day was visiting with my friend Christine.  She is such an awesome person.  She is always so positive and upbeat, and just a really wonderful, generous person.  Everyone needs to have a friend like Christine.  She just makes you happy to be around!  That's why I go to Dear Jane every month ... I have met some very talented, nice ladies in that group.  And today I picked a great day to go because someone had made a blueberry pie!  Glad I WENT TO THE GYM today (remember I said I was going to start reporting on that!) ... so I had a small piece.  It was delicious!  Hope to get my quilt quilted tomorrow, and then I will show you a picture it.  I'd like to get it to the store since the class is being taught in November.  Funny thing about people ... they don't want to sign up for a class without a sample to look at!

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