Thursday, September 29, 2011

Traveling Thursday!

Happy Thursday!  I'm happy because I made it through the day!  After being sick for two days, I didn't have a lot of energy today, but I weathered through ... hurray!  There are several blogs that I read religiously ... one of the great things about blogging is the projects that people do and start, encouraging others to join along.  I think it's amazing ... what we can all do together ... so inspiring to see all these creative people!  Usually I don't join along because I have enough going on with my sewing, teaching, longarming and the work I do for the store.  But I saw a post on Pat Sloan's blog the other day that interested me ... on the 25th of every month, a different blogger/designer will post their block, and you join in.  Here is the link to the first designer's block ...
This looks like loads of fun, and I was totally hooked by Pat Sloan's block ... check out her blog at

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