Monday, October 17, 2011

Applique, applique and more applique - Sunday

I tried to post this last night but it wouldn't post.

Guess what I've been doing, yes applique.  I'm starting to feel a little like I'm going nowhere and I have tons to do.  I get this feeling every once in a while ... it's probably because I got next to nothing done last week, so I'm feeling really behind this week.  I have this quilt to finish by the beginning of November.  All of the hearts are appliqued on, and 6 out of 15 stars are done.  I didn't have enough of all the fabrics to finish the stars.  I'm going into the store tomorrow to sew, so I'll get the rest of the fabric then.  I've got 4 quilts to longarm right now, and a 5th one coming my way this week.  I need to get fabric requirements together for a quilt I'm teaching the beginning of November.  I'm a little stressed over my daughter's upcoming college applications too.  This is crazy.  It will all get done, it always does.  I just need to make a list and get a plan together.  This weekend just flew by.  I'm happy to have so much of the applique done for this Christmas quilt.  The piecing part is really easy, and the only thing left besides the rest of the applique are just the borders and cornerstones, so I'm getting so close.  No pictures today ... I forgot to take them when it was daylight, and my camera doesn't do well at night.  I was also going to show you a picture of the wool project I finished, but I can't find it.  Can you spell disorganized?????

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