Saturday, October 29, 2011

A perfect match

My goal for today was to quilt a Christmas quilt for the store, and to figure out the fabric requirements for the Christmas quilt I am making ... different than the quilt I was quilting today.  I got both done, with just enough time to run them over to the store by 5!  I had intended to quilt the quilt yesterday, but it never got done.  Isn't this quilt cute?
It's a simple chinese coin quilt ... it's a design by Renee Plains out of her latest book.  We have a couple different Christmas lines at the store, and we are going to kit them for this quilt.  I had bought some YLI quilting thread a couple of weeks ago ... I was ordering out of a book, and picked a color that looked like dark brown.  Well it turned out to be a wine color.  It was perfect for this quilt ... matched great!  It's funny how things work out ... when the thread came in I thought "oh great, that's not brown, and I will probably not have a lot of use for this color."  It worked out very well.  The only problem with this thread, and I noticed it when I quilted with a different color on an earlier quilt, it leaves a lot of lint.  Look at the floor in my sewing room from blowing the bobbin out ....

I had to keep blowing the lint off the machine as I was sewing because it produces so much that it would work its way down and fall into the path of the quilting.  I think that's why this thread is a little cheaper than the Superior thread.  It's a really nice thread though, and I like the way it sews.  I have no problems with breaking, just lint build up.  That's okay ... for the price, I can deal with it.  Still preferring the Glide over everything else.

My goal for tomorrow is to finish the applique on my Christmas quilt ... wouldn't it be great if I could get the borders on too?  That might be wishing for too much though!  Happy Sunday to you! =:)

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