Sunday, October 9, 2011

Simple Sunday

Oh my goodness, I am so wiped out today!  We went out last night with my husband's friends.  In addition to the two that are staying here, we met another family that was in town for a wedding.  All of these guys grew up together in high school and they are hilarious when they all get together! Just like they were still young!!  We met the family at Hennessey's, a pub/restaurant in Pacific Beach.  We had dinner with them and hubby and friends had already been down there drinking; I wasn't interested in that part, so I just met them for dinner and then I was the designated driver.  From there we went back to their hotel in Mission Beach.  We had our darling daughter drive her car too because the family had a 17 year old son that was probably going to be bored with all the drinking, etc., so we figured the two high schoolers could go find something to do.  Well after we got back to their hotel, we went to the bar where they were doing the worst karoke I have ever heard in my life!!!  The kids came with us; the bar was really small, and we sat aside because inside was where all the crazy people that think they can sing were sitting!  Ha, ha ....  Even the kids had a good time ... they were being entertained by all of the guys and the singing, and I think they were happy they had another teen their age there to roll their eyes with!  I have to say we had so much fun, and it was hilarious listening to the singers.  We finally wrapped things up about 1:00!   Hubby drove home with daughter, and I chauffered the two friends home, with a pit stop at Jack in the Box because they were hungry.  Honestly, I have not seen men drink that much since I was in my young 20's ... the funny thing is they were mostly drinking beer, and although they were a little buzzed, nobody was drunk.  The stories they tell from when they were younger, I think they have permanently pickled their bodies and the alcohol can never really penetrate!!!  LOL  Anyway, I went to bed about 3 a.m.!!  I feel like I have a hangover today and I drank nothing but water and diet coke.  I've just been relaxing, planning my shopping lists for the week with coupons, reading the newspaper, and enjoying my new flowers and peaceful patio.  I have had the best time the last two days cooking breakfast for these men and sitting down with them and chatting.  My husband is not a big breakfast person, so I am excited to have someone to be able to cook a nice breakfast for and to drink coffee with!  Hope you enjoy a relaxing Sunday ... I have a feeling I'm not going to get too much sewing done today!

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