Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Making some progress ... where did the day go?

Finally got two quilts trimmed today and finished Jayne's quilt.  I forgot to mention last Friday that I did go to the gym that day ... always proud to tell you I did that!  It is amazing how great I feel when I go ... how can my body feel so jiggily and then I go to the gym for three days, and I feel like things are tightening up!

Here is Judy's quilt after being trimmed
Judy is a beginning quilter.  Isn't that amazing?  I think this is only the second or third quilt she's done.  When I dropped it off for her today, she had another one waiting to be quilted ... wow.  You go Judy!

Here is Karen's quilt all trimmed ... remember this is a wholecloth quilt that is a baby quilt
It's impossible to see the pantograph on the front side, so here's the back
I think this quilt will be really cute when it's bound and washed, giving it a really puckered look!

Now, Jayne's quilt ... on the frame
I love looking at the quilts when they're on the frame.  I never get tired of seeing how beautiful the quilts look all laid out.  Look how awesome the quilt turned out ...
The quilting just really made this quilt pop.  It was a beautiful quilt before it was quilted, but I think Jayne is going to really love it now.  She is an awesome quilter, and I love doing her quilts.  They are always well pieced, and a joy to quilt!  This was a class taught at the store by Kathy Cardiff.  Isn't it a great quilt?  I'm pretty sure that Jayne pieced this using all scraps except for the borders and the background of the nine patches..

Tomorrow it's back to that blasted Christmas quilt.  Keep your fingers crossed ... I'm hoping to get the center applique done tomorrow!  Oh by the way, I WENT TO THE GYM TODAY!


jayne said...

Love it, love it,love it!!!!!!!!!

Quiltdolls said...


i like the quilt made with french general. Do you know what pattern that is?