Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heat and Organization

Today in San Diego we had record breaking heat.  They were calling for 97 in east county where I live.  When I was in my car at about 4:00 today, it registered 100!  There is nothing like that kind of heat to just zap your energy and any plans you have for accomplishing anything.  I went grocery shopping today and made my rounds of all the drugstores, using my coupons and only buying what I could get a good deal on.  CVS was so nice about coupons and things that I needed a raincheck for.  On the other hand, Rite Aid treated me like a criminal.  Last week if you spent $30 on certain products, you were supposed to get one of their "Up" certificates for $10.  Well I went in twice and spent well over $30, and it didn't print out.  I talked to a gal in there last week and she said to come back this week with both of my receipts, and the manager could take care of it for me.  So I went in today and talked to the manager; that manager had to call over another manager.  The second manager told me the spot on the receipt where it listed the total of my special items had been cut off.  I told her that you didn't need that spot because all you had to do was total the items on the receipt.  She told me that wasn't the point, the receipt had been cut.  I said why would I cut the receipt off when I was trying to get the $10 back?  Then they went into the back and looked the total amount up on the journal.  Then the first manager came back and without any kind of an apology, issued me a $10 card to use on my next transaction.  I hate being treated like a criminal.  I'm not trying to cheat; I'm only taking advantage of the offers the company advertised.

I came home and unpacked and then did some paperwork.  Quite a few years ago I read a book about home organization.  The authors recommended breaking your week up and doing the same chores on the same days every week.  Monday is my shopping day, Tuesday is my appointment day, Wednesday is my paperwork day, Thursday since I work I usually don't expect much.  Friday is my play day, Saturday and Sunday are laundry days.  I throw in a little housecleaning every day.  I try to stick to this schedule.  I must admit I haven't been good about my appointment day.  It worked really well when I did though because I never had to worry about what day an appt. was.  It was narrowed down to at least Tuesdays.  I like having Monday to shop.  It starts my week out being stocked up.  I worked this Monday, so I didn't get to run my errands until today.  So needless to say I didn't get any sewing done today.  It was just too hot.  I'm hoping for tomorrow!

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