Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In Memory Of

Today was a hard, draining day.  One of my sweet friends, who also happens to be my first quilt teacher, lost her husband on October 1 (my birthday).  He was 73 and had a 6 week battle with brain cancer.  He was a wonderful man.  He was the kind of man you wished was your father, you wished all young men would grow up to be like.  He was warm, friendly, personable, polite, gentle and believed in giving of himself to whatever he could.  He felt that he was so blessed in life that he wanted to give whatever he could.  He was a master gardener and an accomplished chef.  The small church was full to bursting with people that came to remember him.  It was the nicest memorial service I have ever been to.  The pastor encouraged us to laugh and cry, that we were there to celebrate his life, and that both tears and laughter were part of that celebration.  It is amazing how many people's lives he touched.  I am so honored and grateful that I got to know him as I did.  I am saddened by his passing at such a young age, but I'm honoring his memory by trying to share my gifts with others like he did.  The pastor said that we should leave today and bake something and share it with others, or garden and spread that in memory of him.  So today I planted some flowers in memory of him.  Tomorrow I will bake some cookies and share them with our wonderful neighbors.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives, that we forget how much giving to others fulfills us.  We'll miss you.

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