Thursday, October 13, 2011

Traveling Thursday

Another record breaking heat day today ... well maybe not record breaking, but I think it is about 97 in La Mesa today.  Ugh ... not much of anything getting done around here except for running errands.  I do get to go watch my daughter play today in a tennis match that starts at 4.  Those girls should be really warm on the tennis courts.  I didn't work today since I worked on Monday, but I'll continue my traveling Thursday post.  Here is a link to a blog called "A Few Scraps."  I've only been reading this blog for a short time, but I like her posts.  She usually has tutorials and a section on free motion quilting.  I always love to see what people are doing with their quilting.  Any tips I can get on free motion quilting, I always appreciate.  Do you have any blogs that you love to read and would like to share?  Just let me know.  Happy Thursday everyone!  Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, thank goodness.

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