Monday, October 10, 2011

Funny day

I worked today ... switched with one of my friends because she needed the day off.  It was pretty slow, but a couple of friends came to sew today.  Then our other friend, Jayne, came in to have lunch with us.  Late in the afternoon a man came into the store.  Now we almost NEVER have men in the store, unless they are there with their wives.  We're a quilt store and most men do not quilt.  He was nice looking, jeans, a dress shirt and a tie.  He walked around for a while and said he didn't know there was a store there.  Then he asked about classes because he said his wife would be interested.  So I told him to also check out back because we had antiques ... I left him alone and when I walked back to the classroom where everyone else was they were convinced the guy was casing the store and was going to rob us.  So I went to check on him and he was just looking at the antiques.  He left shortly after.  My friends were still convinced he was coming back as they are sure that he was not there for the purpose that he stated.  I told them they were paranoid and that I thought he was a nice young  man.  He was cute too!  They told me I was naive .... I am known to my other friends as "June Cleaver."  I guess I am a little naive, and prefer to be slightly polly-anna-ish (is that a word!).  We had a great day in spite of it all.  But I made it home safe, and hopefully the store is still standing.  If not, we have his face on video tape as there is a camera in the store!  I'll let you know if there are any further develpments.  Gotta go and finish visiting with our friends.  We went out for mexican food as they are leaving tomorrow.  It's been such fun to have them ... they are such good friends to my husband.  Night, night

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jayne said...

Am glad the shop is still safe and stilll standing :)