Monday, October 3, 2011

My other hobby

Well, years ago I used to coupon shop and rebate.  It was an obsession, kind of like quilting.  I could take a tape of about $80 or so and get it down to $15 or $20.  Sometimes even lower.  Most items like shampoo, toothpaste, floss, deodorant and cereal I got for free.   Those were the days when Vons and Ralph's doubled coupons to $1.00.  They don't do that anymore, so you just have to work a little harder and smarter.  Last week when I was sick, I caught back to back shows on TLC of "Extreme Couponing."  I thought ... wow, I miss that rush!  Now I don't think I need 400 boxes of cat food ... even if I am donating them, but ... I love getting stuff for dirt cheap, or free.  I also thought this would be a great way for me to use my couponing skills and give to charity.  So here I go ... do you know how many coupons are available online?  Amazing ... there are loads of web sites for couponers.  I found a great one ... they give you the sales every week for your local stores, and tell you what coupons you can use from what supplements, total the price for you, and show you the savings.  That is too easy!  Well I've been sitting here for hours tonight organizing everything.  Ready to hit CVS, Target, RiteAid, Walgreen's and Von's tomorrow ... I'll let you know how I do.  This week's coupon load in the newspaper was amazing ... I took a picture but I'm too tired to upload it .... I got a huge stack of coupons!  So let the savings begin ... hey, more money for fabric!  I gotta go to bed!!!

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