Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No picture Tuesday

I finally sewed today on the Christmas quilt I am doing.  I intended to take a picture to show my progress, but never got a chance.  It's a 30" x 36" block in the middle surrounded by nine patches.  I got the 6 nine patches put on on each side, and was really about 1 inch off on each side.  I'm not sure why.  When I was walking the dogs tonight, I was doing the math in my head trying to figure out whether the pattern was wrong.  My measurements were what the pattern said they should be.  I can't imagine my piecing was off that much ... that would be a real generous seam on several of those blocks.  I thought I might ignore it, but I'm going to remeasure everything tomorrow, and probably rip them off.  I am running out of time this week.  I have three quilts to be quilted on my Innova and wanted to get this top together at least so I could start working on the applique.  My husband's got his two best friends coming into town on Thursday and I still have to straighten and clean the granny flat.  That leaves tomorrow to do one quilt and clean.  I've got to work on Thursday, and that shoots that whole day.  Hmmm ... well it will all get done, it always does!

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