Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celebrating and gardening

Wow, somehow yesterday passed, and as I was going to bed at about 11:30 p.m., I had this thought that I had not written on my blog.  I was too pooped to do it.  My husband has his two best friends in town and one of them is staying in the granny flat, and one is staying in our house in my son's bedroom.  Well the granny flat needed a good, thorough cleaning, and also needed to be rearranged and have some things removed.  I really haven't done anything with the bedroom since I moved my Innova into it, and because no one lives in it, it really only gets deep cleaned once every 6 months or so when company comes.  Well, I went to town on it.  I spent about 2 hours just in the bedroom decluttering, rearranging and cleaning the dried paint off of the floor from when I painted right before I got my machine in July.  I love the way it looks now.  My machine has half of the room, and the other half has the queen bed.  Then next to the bed is a small end table, and a table with a small t.v.  Next to that a chair to sit and put your shoes on.  On the wall opposite the bed, there is a built in bookcase; it has my roll of batting on top, and books, but I cleared a couple of the shelves and put some finished quilts on one of the shelves along with my bobbin winder.  Another one of the shelves has some leftover pieces of batting.  Then next to the bookcase is a cabinet that holds an old stereo system.  Between that cabinet and my machine, I put a big easy chair so you can sit there and watch t.v. if you want.  I just love the way it looks now, and it is so clean!  I think I will try and keep that up even if I'm not living in it.  It just feels better.  That machine creates so much lint, and when I clean out the bobbin case, all that lint just falls on the floor.  I think I'm going to try and find a small vacuum to keep there that I can just vacuum out the bobbin and then the floor if needed.  Anyone have any good suggestions?  I'll take pictures next week when the friend is gone.

Then last night a few of my good friends took me out to Outback for my birthday.  It was so much fun.  Yummy, and we were just silly.  Then we went to Starbuck's to visit our young friend that works there.  We are all like mothers to her and she couldn't come to dinner because she was working.
Penny in the back left, Kassie next to her.  Me in the front on the left, and Tracy next to me.  Not a great picture cause it was on her cell phone, but it's cute!

So today I decided I had to get these plants in that I got last week for my birthday.  I am not a gardener.  I usually buy plants, leave them outside to die in their pots before I decide to get them in the ground.  Well I was digging my second hole for a small rose bush and all of a sudden, water starting seeping into the hole.  Drat, I hit an irrigation pipe.  My husband, who is out in the mountains with his two friends, is going to kill me!  So I turn the water off to the house, well that doesn't work because it's the water in the yard, and that is a different cut off valve.  I'm trying to remember where that valve is.  The old one was in the driveway in front of the granny flat, but it used to collect water from the neighbor's run off and the lever rusted and fell off.  So I have no choice but to call my husband.  He tells me he thinks our friend who fixed our driveway last year moved it.  Well I still couldn't find it; then he told me that he thought it was the big valve by the palm tree.  So I turn it all the way to the right to shut it off and run back and check ... still water is coming!  Ahhh!!!  Just about that time they got home and apparently I just hadn't turned that valve by the palm tree enough, because one of our friends turned it more and shut if off.  Whew!!  Tomorrow, my hubby's friend will help him fix it.  Thank goodness his friend is here, because he's mechanical, and my darling husband is not.

Well I got most of the plants planted; all except for the ones near the hole.  I didn't want to mess with putting any more water there.  It needs to dry out so they can fix it tomorrow.

This is what the patio "garden" looked like "before"
This is what it looks like now!
Tomorrow I hope to get some time to sew.  I really need to get busy on that Christmas quilt!  What did you do today???


Carolyn S. said...

wow,you got a lot of gardening done, and it looks great!!

Shary said...

I hate it when I break an irrigation line! But your patio looks great!