Thursday, October 20, 2011

Traveling Thursday

Happy Thursday!  First, thank you for the comments on the Glide thread yesterday.  I am really anxious to get to my longarm and start my quilting.  I have quite a few quilts, and I really want to start on Jayne's and see how the thread looks on her quilt.  I'll take a picture ... she decided she liked the lighter color.  I think it's going to blend in great with the dark in her quilt.

Okay, here is a blog I just love!  Long before I was a quilter, I was someone that loved to save money.  My mom was always reading Woman's Day to find ways to make things stretch ... here were some of the things she used to do:  Cut the kleenex in half to save going through the box so fast; bought whole milk by the gallon and then mixed it half and half with nonfat dry milk (yuck!); took half of the shampoo out of the bottle and filled it with water to dilute it thereby using less.  Those are just a few things ... my grandmother was a real saver.  She bought everything on sale; even when she stopped driving very much it was a crackup because she always knew how much a gallon of gas cost.  So, it's a generational thing ... I love a bargain!  I pretty much never buy groceries unless something is on sale ... with exception of course, but I am a real bargain hunter.  The more I save at the grocery/drug stores, the more I can spend on fabric!  Yahoo!!!!!  Here is a website that has loads of freebies listed everyday ... it is amazing ... I just love this site:

Now go on over to that website and save some money to spend on quilting!!

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